Presenting Smokie Flame!

Age 26
Representing California

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About Me

I'm one of the hottest redheads you will find anywhere! I'm constantly busy, I don't like bullshit, and I'll always give you what you want...

Our Thoughts

Smokie is one of the most erotic girls we have worked with to date. She is a full on pornstar, or, if you prefer, an uninhibited girl who loves to have sex. On the pages of our exclusive master art nude photographer David's work you'll see Smokie photographed in David's distinctive artistic style, as well as enjoy videos of her doing what she loves to do best - having sex with girls! Our own Tatyana was lucky enough to experience Smokie's flaming passion. Tatyana says that this perky-breasted redhead was so skilled, that she can't wait to repeat the experience! But aside from being an energetic sex goddess, Smokie is an intelligent business woman and a fun girl all wrapped in one cute redheaded package. Our time with her was nothing but pleasant, and we can't wait to see more of her on the pages of our exclusive master art nude photographer David's sites and products.

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PHOTOSET Smokie Flame Spotted! Nude Girl on her Balcony

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