Presenting Skye Thomas!

Age 18
Representing Washington USA

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About Me

Im usually restless, cant sit still, constantly need to be moving and doing something. Maybe thats why I can eat whatever I want and still stay thin? I dont know, maybe! Im moving into a new place and am obsessed with decorating ideas, so if you have any, let me know. I like listening to music, I pretty much always have something playing in my ear. Thats it, watch my interview for more stuff.

Our Thoughts

Skye has no idea how beautiful she is. We did, in fact, tell her she was gorgeous quite a few times, but it doesnt seem to have sunk in. Maybe thats good, it doesnt go to her head, right? She honestly looks like a supermodel, especially on video. Go on, take a look, she will take your breath away!

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