Presenting Olya!

Age 18
Representing WEST UKRAINE

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About Me

Hi everyone! I'm just a regular girl who loves to express herself. Modeling for David allowed me to do just that. I had a lot of fun during my photo shoots, and look forward to talking with you on the site!

Our Thoughts

Working with Dour exclusive master art nude photographer David was a first modeling experience for Olya. An interesting thing happened during her first couple of minutes with us. When asked if she wanted to disrobe in private, Olya enthusiastically said: What's the point, I will be nude around you for the next several hours anyway! That kind of open and carefree attitude is what we love about this 18 year old student from Ukraine. Olya is studying to be a sociologist, but is concerned that she will not be able to find a job in her career field. She loves music, animals, and swimming.

Olya's photos are a tribute to all women who love themselves and are confident about their inner and outer beauty. We hope to see more of Olya on the pages of David Nudes!

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Olya I Like Big Butts...
PHOTOSET Olya Hidden Nude in the Reeds
PHOTOSET Olya Fresh Found Nudist
PHOTOSET Olya Caught in the Rain
PHOTOSET Olya After the Rain
PHOTOSET Olya Street Corner Nudes

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My Vids!
Olya in  - Play Video!
Olya in  - Play Video!
Olya in  - Play Video!
Olya in  - Play Video!

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