Presenting Autumn!

Age 19
Representing FLORIDA USA

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About Me

I love good comedy, the ocean, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, tennis, modeling, acting, animals, traveling, money, psychology, fashion, arts, sciences, organic food and products. I hate ignorance & self-absorbed people...

Our Thoughts

It was such an interesting coincidence that I got to shoot with Autumn. She is from a town in Florida that I once lived in, and just by accident she happened to be in the area I was shooting in all the way across the country. When I found out we were both from that same town, it was a very interesting start for our shoots together. Enjoy all of Autumn's work here, as she certainly has a very youthful and exciting body!

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Autumn Naked in the Front Yard
PHOTOSET Autumn Naked Girl on the Street
PHOTOSET Autumn Spotted! Sneaking Out Naked!

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My Vids!
Autumn in  - Play Video!
Autumn in  - Play Video!

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