Presenting Ashley Haven!

Age 21
Representing OREGON USA

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About Me

Whether I'm working or not, I like to have fun. A lot. I make strange noises, bounce around, and generally act like a professional 5 year old. That's just me!

Our Thoughts

In the About me section of our application Ashley simply put I'm Awesome!. And you know what? She is absolutely awesome! Ashley is a fun, happy, healthy, bubbly, and very smart young lady. She is a mother of a two year old boy, but has, as you can see by her photos, magically escaped any negative effects pregnancy can have on a woman's body. Ashley came in for her session with one of her best friends, Krisha. The two girls graced us with an erotically charged shoot that made us ask them: Are you sure you don't want to just jump into bed with each other?. Maybe one day they will... And believe me, we'll be there to capture every second. For now, have fun with Ashley Haven, just be careful not to drown in her playful green eyes!

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Might as Well be Naked
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Spotted! Naked Pregnant Girl in Desert
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Caught! Nude Resting
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven We are All Born Nude
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Spotted! Mother Preparing for Birth
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Glad You Found Me
PHOTOSET Ashley Haven Climb Up Here

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My Vids!
Ashley Haven in  - Play Video!
Ashley Haven in  - Play Video!
Ashley Haven in  - Play Video!

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