Presenting Ksenya!

Age 21

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About Me

Hi Guys! I'm a very active person and love to meet new people. Networking is one of the most important things to me. I'll be looking forward to your posts. Love!

Our Thoughts

Ksenya's motto in life is Be all you can be. And believe us, she is working hard at it. Ksenya loves to pose for photographs as well as paintings. She is very artistic and theatrical. During her photo sessions with David Ksenya asked to have music turned up as loud as possible and danced while expressing a wide range of emotions relevant to each song.

Ksenya's long term goals include opening her own photo studio. She expresses interest in every aspect of photography, asking David to show her exactly how lights and camera work. Ksenya's other passion is children. She has already done work for a local charity foundation and plans to continue helping out as much as possible.

There is a big heart and mind in Ksenya's tiny frame. Watch out, one day she might just take the world by storm!

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