Presenting Inna!

Age 18
Representing MINSK BELARUS

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About Me

I love art and photography, I think I am a very artistic person in my soul. About a womans body I have strong feelings. I think a girls body is beautiful, how the light falls on it, shapes it, and holds it perfectly. I have not done a two girl shoot yet, but I really hope I get a chance to work with Tatyana!

Our Thoughts

Inna...what a sweet and sexy little girl! We met Inna through Alena, she knew her through a modeling agency. We actually had another girl cancel on us the day of the shoot and it was my last night in town. The other girl called us and said she could make it after 7pm, but this season's shoots were all about nature and nudism in the outdoors and I needed a girl for the morning sunshine.

So, Alena called us up and told us about Inna, and we are so glad she did! What a pretty girl! Enjoy Inna's great work here with our exclusive master art nude photographer David. She has one of the most natural, youthful bodies I have ever worked with.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Inna Hiding From You
PHOTOSET Inna Naughty Babe
PHOTOSET Inna Laying Nude in the Forest

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My Vids!
Inna in  - Play Video!
Inna in  - Play Video!

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