Presenting Honey!

Age 18
Representing NEW MEXICO

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About Me

So, Ive shot with David like four times now, and of course the first shoot with him was my first nude shoot...actually the first real photo or video shoot Ive ever done. To tell you the truth, I LOVED it! Now I regularly find myself hitting up Tatyana on text message asking when its time for me to shoot again, Ive got so many new ideas I want to shoot with David! Well, you should certainly enjoy my work here so far, I know I do. I even decided to try a little sexual experimenting here with my friend Brandy, but most of all I love the art nude video stuff we made, very pretty.

Our Thoughts

Nothing is more naturally sweet than Honey, and interestingly enough that is this girl's real name! Her mommy knew exactly the kind of beauty she had on her hands when she named Honey. She is the perfect American girl with just the right amount of Latina in her to make her one of the most modern American nude models to ever grace my studio. Enjoy all of her work as it comes out here for members, I had such a hard time developing the photo and video because its just too hard to control my excitement when I see how awesome her stuff came out, its breath-taking. Some of our exclusive master art nude photographer David's best work!

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Honey Caught! Playing Naked in the Sand
PHOTOSET Honey Caught! Playing Dress Down
PHOTOSET Honey Topless Beauty
PHOTOSET Honey Spotted! Nude Sandy Babe
PHOTOSET Honey Spotted! Nudist Babe Near Mountains

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My Vids!
Honey in  - Play Video!
Honey in  - Play Video!
Honey in  - Play Video!
Honey in  - Play Video!

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