Presenting Anya!

Age 19
Representing SOUTH UKRAINE

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About Me

Hello! I'm a generally shy person, but I do like to go walking and dancing with close friends. Modeling for David has been a really fun and liberating experience. Explore the site to learn more about me!

Our Thoughts

During casting sessions Anya was a very outgoing person. When it came time to the on-camera interview and the photo shoot, she seemed to dive into her own shell. David used every photographer's trick to bring out her personality and, as you can see, Anya did warm up to the camera!!

As Anya said herself, Everything is in the eyes! This 19 year old's piercing gaze is mesmerizing. When asked about nude modeling, Anya says that for her it is the same as modeling in clothes. As bias observers, we must say that she looks her best in her birthday suit.

Anya is studying to be a hotel manager and some day she would love to visit Italy. Go to Anya's corner and see if she warms up to chatting with you!

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PHOTOSET Anya Lost Something

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